Hello, everyone!  My name is Miss Parfait, and I cannot believe I’m writing on Weddingbee!  I’ve read and loved the site for the past three years, and I’m thrilled for the opportunity to give back to the hive!

Mr. Parfait and I became friends in high school but didn’t really get close until after college.  We started with long emails, progressed to phone calls, then started dating while I was in New York for grad school and he was here in our hometown.  After months of long distance, I moved back to our Chicago suburb, and we’ve been in relationship bliss ever since!

engagement13Photo by Hannahelaine Photography

We’re planning a wedding for 200 of our closest relatives and a handful of friends.  His family is accustomed to traditional Serbian Orthodox weddings with their breathtaking churches, crown ceremonies, and full choirs.  Meanwhile, I’ve never seen any Korean wedding traditions in person.  Since I know we’ll be drinking slivovitz (Serbian brandy), throwing coins (for luck), and dancing kolos (circle dances) to the sound of tamburas and accordions, I’m hoping to find some ways to incorporate and honor my heritage as well!  Overall, we’re planning a bright, modern wedding with plenty of laughter and cheer.

Why Miss Parfait?  Mr. Parfait and I worked in competing ice cream/frozen yogurt stores throughout high school.  We learned to create delicious parfaits for customers and EXPLOSIVELY delicious parfaits for ourselves!  Combined, we’ve tried every possible flavor and topping combo, so if you ever need any parfait-making advice, you know who to ask!  Parfait also happens to mean “perfect” in French.  France appears in many of my daydreams (and perhaps in our honeymoon plans?  Hint hint, Mr. Parfait!), and I’m a perfectionist about normal things like writing and weird things like folding socks.

I’m so happy to be here, and I can’t wait to start sharing our journey with you!